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Discovering CrossFit was something of a lifesaver for CrossFit Amethyst’s owner, Tim Jupin. As Tim found himself facing and confronting a number of his demons throughout adulthood, one thing was clear to him: he had to get into shape. He realized that exercise could offer a pathway to mental and physical wellness. Like many, he joined a traditional gym.  But after a year, he had to admit to himself that it wasn’t the right fit for him. “I would just put in my earbuds and watch Sports Center while working out. That was a very solitary experience right when I needed more support. And, it didn’t push me to better myself.” he said.

That’s when a friend recommended CrossFit Amethyst in Oak Harbor. For Tim, everything that Crossfit had to offer was instantly appealing. In addition to the opportunity to get into the best shape of his life, Tim found a supportive community that could provide him with much-needed encouragement.

Fast forward a few years… Tim was pretty much working out at CrossFit Amethyst every day. The previous owners knew that he was interested in owning his own gym once he retired from his job as a wastewater engineer at NAS Whidbey Island.


“I had been working out at the gym for three years and had started coaching. So when they were ready to move on, they approached me to buy the business and I jumped at the opportunity to realize my retirement dream way ahead of schedule!”

Tim has deep roots on Whidbey Island. His father was in the navy and the family has been on and off the island since Tim was born. He made the final move back to Oak Harbor in 2014.

For Tim, it is a joy owning CrossFit Amethyst. “ I am incredibly thankful to have Esther manage the gym on a day-to-day basis. She makes it possible for me to be a business owner while holding down a full-time job,” he says.  What he is most proud of is the community that has grown even stronger in the years since he took over ownership. “We work out together, and we make sure that we spend time together outside the gym as well.”  In addition to a new book club and a growing ski/snowboarding group, Tim and Esther try to organize at least one extracurricular activity each month - like game nights, pumpkin picking, potlucks, etc, even a winter formal!

The sense of community stretches beyond the walls of CrossFit Amethyst. “You can go to a CrossFit gym anywhere, you know what to expect. People are immediately friendly and welcoming.”

Tim and Esther invite anyone looking for a more holistic approach to fitness and wellness, along with the opportunity to make new friends for life, to stop by CrossFit Amethyst or to contact them.

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