Training Programs

On – Ramp

On-Ramp is a program designed specifically for new athletes at CrossFit Amethyst. Each On-Ramp program consists of 6 classes which are provided in a two week time period. On-Ramp is taught in a small group format which allows for individualized attention and instruction. Upon completion of On-Ramp, athletes join the regular WOD classes and begin their journey as an Amethyst Athlete.

WOD Program

The WOD program is our standard and most popular membership option. This membership is available to individuals who have either completed our On-Ramp program as a new athlete or who have come from another CrossFit affiliate with previous experience. The WOD program trains athletes for the purpose of general physical preparedness (in conjunction with the philosphy of CrossFit ). The WOD program is available to all athletes, regardless of their skill level. In the WOD class, athletes continue to develop the fundamentals of CrossFit, while being able to also learn and implement more complex movements into their training. Each of our WOD classes last about an hour long.

Comp Program

The COMP program is specifically designed for individuals who have the desire to compete as an elite athlete. This program is available for individuals who have mastered both the basic and more advanced movements of CrossFit. The COMP Programming includes higher intensity workouts and movements which require an advanced level of skill. The COMP programming will typically also include more strength training opportunities and an additional skill or conditioning component every day. Each COMP class lasts about an hour and a half.

Barbell Club

Our Barbell Club program is available to all of our athletes regardless of their skill level. The primary objective of the Barbell Club is to develop skill and strength in Olympic Weightlifting movements, particularly the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch. The Barbell Club program focuses heavily on developing technique and strength by identifying and improving upon any faults that an athlete may have in their olympic weightlifting movements. Barbell Club is typically provided in a small group format, which allows for more individualized attention for each athlete.