Membership Value

The list below describes all of the benefits that your membership provides to you:


Every day the workout, strength, and skill work has already been designed and programmed for you. This makes it convenient for individuals and athletes who are limited on time or for those who enjoy having more direction in the gym. We believe wholeheartedly in the programming at CrossFit Amethyst and know that if you commit to working hard and following the programming, you are bound to see results! If you’d like further information on our training programs, check out this page.


Each of our classes are led by a trainer. Our trainers at CrossFit Amethyst are passionate about what they do, intelligent, and experienced in coaching both large and small classes. We also offer one-on-one coaching for specialized athlete needs.

Personal Membership Account

With your membership, you gain access to a personalized membership account and free performance tracking of your WODs, times, and PR’s! This benefit comes in handy as it can help to identify your personal goals, see patterns in your performance, and also track your progress as an athlete.

Unlimited Classes

All of our memberships allow for athletes to have unlimited access to our classes. This allows our athletes to tailor their attendance to their specific goals.

Community Support

The greatest aspect of CrossFit is that it allows for individuals from a variety of backgrounds to exercise with one another in a supportive environment. We have an amazing community of athletes who all share the common goals of wanting to improve their health, get stronger, and live a better life!


Last but not least, you get to see results. Regardless of what your goals are, it is guaranteed that if you dedicate time and effort to CrossFit, you will absolutely see results. At CrossFit Amethyst, we provide the environment, training program, and staff to ensure that you reach the goals that you have set out for yourself. If you have specific questions about how we can accommodate and assist you in reaching your personal goals, feel free to contact us .